Free ebook copies of ‘The Little Pink Pill’ available from tomorrow (27th July) *NOW ENDED*

Hi everyone, from tomorrow I will be giving away free ebook copies of my book The Little Pink Pill, a story that’s very personal to me, as the circumstances of the book are inspired by my real life experience of living with my late-husband who was very badly brain damaged after a traumatic head injury, and at times had a split personality, one of whom loved me and the other hated me. It was quite a journey, and he was proud of the book – which is often comical – that was inspired by his extraordinary life!


Please click on the buy button below which takes you through to my amazon page where the book can be ordered for free 😊 *FREE OFFER NOW ENDED*


….The world can be a scary place to navigate when you’re brain damaged. Even scarier when you aren’t entirely sure what you might have done during a blackout while your alternate personality is running around in your body. My wife calls him ‘The other one’.
If you can’t trust your own eyes or the people around you, sometimes it pays to take a leap of faith. I have, I stopped taking my little pink pill. I wonder what will happen?…
After a chance meeting with Sid during a hospital visit – who suffered with schizophrenia, the two of us embarked on a sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying journey of twists and turns in an effort just to stay in what we believed to be a state of equilibrium. The only problem was, neither of us knew if what we perceived was real or not, especially when LSD got thrown into the mix.
We also had a worrying eye on the news, as more and more people seemed to be going missing, and I wasn’t certain if I, Sid, or any of our ‘other selves’ may have played a hand in it.

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