Hello – Out now on Audible


I’m excited to announce that ‘Hello’ is now available on audible!

Please follow the link below 😊


Upon the death of her lover, Paula finds herself at the mercy of both the courts and the vigilantes as she puts forward her claim of not guilty by reason of self-defense. 

Trying to rebuild her tattered life and salvage her sore self-esteem she finally finds someone who she thinks she could love again…. Although there’s the sick thoughts and wants of the sinister stalker to consider, too. The man that stares up at Paula’s window every evening and seems to be in her eyeline no matter where she goes. 

From violent vigilante attacks to innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire, Paula’s terror increases along with the body count. The stakes are high and her world seems a dark confusing place as she gives her all to salvage the memory of the man she loves. 

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