Merlstead Heights Hotel – free copies

To celebrate the launch of Merlstead Heights Hotel – A Ghost Story, I’m giving away free ebooks for the next few days. Enjoy. *promotion now ended*

Follow the link below to get your free copy – currently listed at £0.00 via *promotion now ended*

It’s New Year’s Eve 1910, and the Merlstead Heights Hotel is having its opening night! A night that will be remembered for the sinister incidents which trigger a far reaching chain of events in motion.

Throughout the 1920’s a devil in pinstripes takes charge with an evil to trump the darkness of the hotel, and along with his dastardly presence brings along a coveted motorcar – the Bentley Speed Six, that bleeds evil into the hotel from its tomb in the old coach house, and has many times been forced to slumber…. But slumber never lasts when one is always half-awake.

Now a new young couple is in town and falling for the charms of the ruined old hotel. Greater than the task of the restoration work is the unpicking of the hotels infamous past as the young couple descend into a nightmare of fear, confusion and loss. What begins as a great adventure soon becomes tainted by the bouts of memory loss, disturbing photographs and an unnerving game of hangman that appears upon the stairwell wall.

Woven throughout the story is the history of the previous proprietors time in the hotel, cut short by a rope and a nasty encounter with the cursed Bentley.

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