The P**e in the Jam Tart

The Pube in the Jam Tart book coverLiving with an adulterous husband and a fifteen-year-old Goth is no easy life for 35-year-old Claire Porter. Trying her hardest to ignore her husband’s affair with his secretary, and doing her best to do her son’s homework to the best of her (and Google’s) ability, combined with a job she hates and a deep routed fear that she may be a racist and just not know it, her life is a trial to navigate – particularly when her head is buried permanently in the sand to avoid having to confront anything.

One morning during breakfast, Claire’s head comes hurtling out of the sand at warp speed after – what she refers to as ‘the jam tart incident’. It is the straw that broke the camel’s back. After the first outburst of her life, gone is the mild-mannered lady who would turn the other cheek and pretend everything was fine, and in her place, is a grumpy middle-aged woman -clad in Shaun-the-sheep slippers – unable to control her temper.

A down to earth comedy – poking fun at our politically correct times, religion and our love of stereotypes. Possibly a book to avoid if you are of a religious disposition.

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